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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Custom Printed Bank Drive-Up Envelopes

We've all gotten these at the bank.  There's the pocket for coins and the much loved pocket for bills.

Well, custom printed bank drive-up envelopes are available at  Because I'm a designer, I have found other industries that could use these envelopes creatively.  Here are some ideas :)

1. As a gift
Design some of the bank drive-up envelopes with your own identity leaving a spot to write a recipient's name.  Now you have a stock of your own gift envelopes.  Then design cards that will fit in the outer pocket.  You can now place gift cards, gift certificates, game tickets etc in the inner "coin" section.  Voila!  You're being different!

2. Fundraising
Often times I see schools giving kids envelopes to keep their money organized.  With printed bank drive-up envelopes, you have room to custom print the fundraising name and a check off list on both sides.  Also with these envelopes, coins can be kept from falling.  While I paid with a check for my last school fundraising wrapping paper purchase, the poor kiddo opened her envelope only to drop a bunch of change.

3. Grocery Shopping
You could have bank drive-up envelopes printed to include lines for your grocery list on both sides of the envelope.  You can place your coupons inside the flap and then place your credit card or check secured inside.  I guess this solution probably wouldn't work for some but for those of you, like me, who hate carrying their purse into the grocery store, this is a great option.  Also, it's fun to have your own branded grocery shopping envelopes/holders.

If you have any more creative ideas for bank drive-envelope uses, please comment!
Have an Oooo  ahahh ahahatastic day!
- Melissa the Purple Hued Primate 
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