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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Custom Printed Envelopes

I've noticed that there are many online printers that are boasting custom printed envelopes.  In order for something to truly be custom, custom quotes should be available... right?  Not everything you're creative mind can conjure will be located in a store's product list.

For instance: Say you want a 9x12 envelope, full color, full bleed and with a window.  While I understand many stores may have quantity restrictions for such a custom job (printers have to stay afloat too), they can't say they can do custom work if they tell you, the artwork can't bleed and we don't offer windows. has many envelopes available for print with bleed restrictions but also provides custom quotes based on specs you provide.  We're your online printer that provides the level of customer service that you get from your local printer.

That and we smell pretty.  For real.  Like Grapes. 
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